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We recommend you visit the Tincture Info page for more detailed information about our tinctures. Further information can also be found on our FAQ Page
Please be aware that tinctures do not have an overpowering fragrance and are not ambergris perfumes. Tinctures are not for consumption.
Our tinctures are available at 1% and our recommended (standard) 3% strength.
We also offer a 6% strength in a silver variety.
We select only the very best pieces of ambergris for our tinctures.
We offer the option to purchase a tincture specifically derived from a particular quality grade and colour of ambergris. You can choose the fragrance profile most suited to the perfume blend you wish to create. Please click on View Details to read more about the different characteristics of each tincture.
All tinctures currently offered have been maturing for a minimum of 2 years.
White Gold AmbergrisSilver Ambergris Tincture
This tincture has all the best fresh marine qualities of the grey and will remind you of the ocean yet it also has the best qualities of the sweet "amber" gold materials.

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White Gold AmbergrisTest Sample Sets – 3% strength only
Our Ambergris tinctures are available in convenient 5ml size at 3% (recommended strength). Purchase a set of 4 tinctures in 5 ml size or choose 2 types only for a minimum order. Offer does not include silver (6%) tincture

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White Gold AmbergrisWhite Gold Ambergris Tincture (Special Edition)
The White Gold Ambergris Tincture is quite possibly the best all around tincture we currently offer. This tincture is strong but the body and dry out notes are beautifully dry and fine. There is a slight sweetness with the classic Amber notes predominating. It would be well suited to any type of perfume base including Transparent and Fresh Florals. It is powdery and sweet with a wonderfully spicy dry out.

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White AmbergrisWhite Ambergris Tincture
As Ambergris ages; it becomes lighter in color and softer in fragrance until it finally turns to the legendary White Ambergris. In most cases; this material becomes powdery in texture. Mellow and extremely fine. This is an extremely subtle and seductive Ambergris tincture with a very light fragrance.

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Grey AmbergrisGrey Ambergris Tincture
Our Grey Ambergris Tincture is a classic! It has all the Metallic seaweed notes and that unforgettable scent of the open ocean. It conjures in one’s mind; memories of old adventures and tales of seafaring captains, Moby Dick, and Pirates. It has a fresh ozone quality that works well in the fresh modern style perfumes and light florals.

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Golden Ambergris TinctureGolden Ambergris Tincture
This tincture is a real treasure for those looking for an animal friendly alternative to some of the stronger materials of animal origin. With the current trends in the perfume industry toward sensual human notes, this Golden Ambergris tincture offers many of the most desirable qualities which are currently missing from the Eco-friendly Perfumers palate.

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Golden Ambergris TinctureComing Soon
This photo of ambergris may be familiar to some perfumers. We have currently under maturation; a tincture derived from this very special and well known piece of ambergris. The piece was purchased by Ambergris NZ Ltd directly from the collectors in 2009. Due to its superior fragrance properties; the entire piece has been held in reserve since then for the exclusive use of Ambergris Essentials Ltd.

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If you do not find what you are looking for on these pages or if you have special requirements with regard to ambergris tinctures, oils and extracts; please contact us directly.

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