Grey Ambergris Tincture
Grey Ambergris Our Grey Ambergris Tincture is a classic! This is the tincture and material so often written about in the literature on the subject. It is the true grey amber or ambre (gris). It has all the Metallic seaweed notes and that unforgettable scent of the open ocean. It conjures in one’s mind; memories of old adventures and tales of seafaring captains, Moby Dick, and Pirates. It has a fresh ozone quality that works well in the fresh modern style perfumes and light florals. If you are looking for an Ambergris Tincture that would make even the old British Perfume Experts envious; then this is it. You can smell the Whales themselves in this tincture.

Grey Ambergris Tincture – 3% standard strength (recommended)

Purchase Set of Four
(white/grey/gold/white-gold) (3%)

Grey Ambergris Tincture – 1%

Purchase Set of Four
(white/grey/gold/white-gold) (1%)

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