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Ambergris Tincture
At a basic level; ambergris tinctures are prepared by combining the raw material, ambergris, with an alcohol solution at low temperature with little or no heat. Ambergris tincture is first and foremost a fixative and exultant. The actual ambergris fragrance is light and subtle and provides a base upon which to build a fragrance blend. As a fixative base; it will enhance the fragrance and increase the longevity of other fragrant materials while adding a unique subtle quality of its own. The strength of the ambergris fragrance in the tincture will also depend on the dilution rate of the tincture. For best results; we recommend a strength of 3% minimum dilution. However, please be aware that tinctures do not have an overpowering fragrance and are not ambergris perfumes. Tinctures are not for consumption.

Our tinctures will enable both the artisan perfumer and the expert to easily access a finished ambergris preparation which can be directly added to or blended with their own materials. With our direct connection to Ambergris NZ Ltd; the customer can be certain of the authenticity and quality of the ambergris used, which is so often a concern for perfumers. Take the uncertainty and difficulty out of where to start. Just add your own materials and unleash your creativity.

When ambergris tincture is readily available; it is most often offered at 1% strength only. Due to the cost of the raw product and the difficulty of obtaining genuine ambergris; most perfumers may have limited quantities available for their preparation and must incorporate the material sparingly. As we have permanent access to high quality ambergris at source; we are able to offer our tinctures at 1% and our recommended (standard) 3% strength.
We also offer a 6% strength in a silver variety.

Outside of the wholesale trade; quality selection of ambergris is limited. Perfumers will have very little choice as to the quality of the ambergris they can access. They may have to use whatever piece or quality is available to them at the time. As we have a substantial choice of product available at all times; we select only the very best pieces for our tinctures without having to make any compromise.

In addition; we offer the option to purchase a tincture specifically derived from a particular quality grade and colour of ambergris. Each quality and every single piece can have a very different fragrance profile. By providing a variety of these classic types and special pieces (white, grey, gold and white/gold); you can choose the fragrance profile most suited to the perfume blend you wish to create. Please click on View Details (on our Tincture Products page) to read more about the different characteristics of each tincture.

Our tinctures are carefully prepared using an age old formula. All tinctures currently offered have been maturing for a minimum of 2 years. We use food grade non-denatured grain alcohol in our tinctures. Depending on the type of ambergris used; they are prepared at 90% or 95% strength and according to standards set forth by Arctander and Poucher. Check back to our website as we add more to our quality range; including “ochre” and an “antique” limited edition.

Home Testing Your Tincture
Once you receive your tincture; you will be tempted to open and test the fragrance directly from the bottle. This is not the best method to experience the subtlety of the ambergris notes. After you have tried this anyway; we recommend that you place a few drops of the tincture onto a test strip or blotting paper and allow the alcohol to evaporate and experience the fragrance in the dry down. Our perfumer prefers to test it by applying a drop or two to the underside of the wrist. On the skin and after the alcohol has evaporated; you will notice a faintly sticky residue (as a result of the ambrein from the ambergris).

Sample Sets: Available in 3% standard strength only
We offer the option to try our specialised tinctures in convenient 5 ml sample size at 3% strength. Select just 2 types of tincture or 4 types in 5 ml size.

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