Our 6% silver tincture at the 3% price
Silver retains the marine note of our grey tincture. However, the musky character of the grey is replaced with a refined sweetness. While the metallic marine note is very present; silver has a round amber sweetness that the grey does not possess. This tincture has all the best fresh marine qualities of the grey and will remind you of the ocean yet it also has the best qualities of the sweet "amber" gold materials.

The normal retail price for this strength is USD$25 per ml. Buy now for just $15 per ml

Add to Cart 10 ml - $150.00 USD ($100 discount)

Add to Cart 15 ml - $225.00 USD ($150 discount)

Golden Ambergris

Special Offer No. 2: Sample Pack - Set of Two (White-Gold & Grey)

Sample Set – 3% standard strength ($25.00 off the normal price)
Our Ambergris tinctures are available in convenient 5ml size at 3% strength. Purchase a set of 2 tinctures in 5 ml size for just USD$125.00. (Regular price is $150.00). This sample set offers a genuine introduction to the fragrant world of ambergris. Our "Special Edition" white-gold tincture with its powdery sweetness contrasts with the metallic, musky quality of the classic marine grey.

Add to Cart Set of 2 - $125 USD

Golden Ambergris

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