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For more information about buying and selling raw ambergris, visit our website at www.ambergris.co.nz.

Welcome to the online store of Ambergris Essentials Ltd. We offer genuine ambergris products to the wholesale and retail market. It is our goal to bring to you the finest examples of Ambergris tinctures, oils and extracts, properly prepared, and ever available in one place.

We personally hand select only the rarest and finest pieces of Ambergris for this purpose. We will be offering you materials which are rarely seen, even by experts and collectors with a life time of experience in the Ambergris trade.

Ambergris floats in the ocean, curing as it does so. It is during this ocean journey that the fragrance of a piece will evolve over time. Many factors, including the ocean environment and water temperature will play a role in this evolution and influence the final quality and fragrance.

Ambergris is graded along quality guidelines identified by A.C. Stirling & W.A. Poucher, with colour being a significant quality indicator. These colour groups have their own fragrance profiles. However, every piece of ambergris will still have its own unique fragrance, influenced first by its origin and developing throughout its individual ocean journey. We select from the best of these grades and fragrance profiles and the most interesting pieces to provide superior quality, with variety, across our product range.

Eventually a piece of ambergris may wash up on a beach with other flotsam. Even when a piece is landed; its fragrant journey continues, as it waits to be discovered. The beach environment and the length of time spent there can also influence the final quality. In time; it may be collected by a lucky beachcomber or one of our dedicated collectors.

For more information about collecting ambergris or to buy or sell raw ambergris; visit our website at www.ambergris.co.nz (Ambergris New Zealand Ltd)

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